“Tangle Craze” and “Blox Run” is now available on Windows Phone Marketplace


Last year, i started working on Windows Phone platform and here you go, i just recently ported two of my titles from Qt to Silvelright (C#) and made them available on Windows Phone Marketplace.

Tangle Craze :

Tangle Craze  - Windows Phone

Description :

Tangle Craze, is an entertaining and addictive arcade-puzzle game.

Objective :

You have to take the glowing ball to the end of each level by overcoming a series of obstacles.

You need to apply your control skills to beat this game. So, are you ready… ?

It features :

* Intuitive gameplay

* Cute Graphics

* Smooth Animations

* Sound Effects

Download :


Blox Run :

Blox Run - Windows Phone

Description :

Blox Run, is an entertaining, addictive and very colorful game. It features :

* Intuitive and Colorful game-play

* Cute Graphics & Animations

* Sound Effects

Download :


Best Regards,

Sajid Ali Anjum

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