Sniper Action is now available for your Windows Phone.



One of our top-selling title is now available for your Windows Phone. You can try it for free from Windows Phone Marketplace.


Sniper Action, is an entertaining and addictive shooting game, with a complete package of action levels, where you have to apply your intelligence to survive. So, ARE YOU READY?


Enemies captured a part of your country. You are the one who is selected by the state head to eliminate the critical enemies. You have only one night to accomplish this mission. By applying, your intelligence and shooting skills you can make it possible.

Features :

* 20 Levels Of Entertainment

* Intuitive & Exhilarating Gameplay

* Smooth Animations

* Great Graphics

* Sound Effects

Screenshots :

Download :

Best Regards,

Sajid Ali Anjum

A short survey of the mobile learning solutions deployed in Pakistan : By Sajid Ali Anjum

According to Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) report in Dec 2012[1], Pakistan is ranked at number 8 in the world with respect to the number of mobile phones being used, with a mobile phone density of 68.83%. According to a national survey in 2009[2], the overall literacy rate of Pakistan is 57% (69% for male and 45% for female). In a country where the mobile phone density is higher than the literacy rate, we can think of developing such mobile learning solutions with which we can educate the illiterate people of the country.

Mobile Learning Solutions Deployed in Pakistan

In this survey, I mentioned about prominent mobile learning solutions deployed in Pakistan to the best of my knowledge.

A) SMS based mobile learning solutions

1. Mobile-based post-literacy program by UNESCO & Mobilink [3]: A SMS-based mobile learning program which focuses on the education of women in Pakistan. In this program, mobile phones were given to the learners and then messages containing pedagogically correct, but fun and interesting, topics were sent to the post-literates. The learners then had to write the messages by hand on workbooks and read it repeatedly, which were listened by the teachers. It also includes answering questions via messages. This project costs US $57 per head only (including mobile phone cost i.e. $33) and if a phone is reused by at least three learner then this project costs US $33 per head. With the help of this program, 1,500 women were made literate in 2011 and 2500 more women are expected to be literate by 2012.

B) Video based mobile learning solutions

1. Mobile learning for teachers by UNESCO, Nokia & AGAHI [4] [5]: An effort made by the mentioned companies to improve the quality of teaching by training the teachers using mobile phones. The major motivation behind this project is the limited number of resources available to train the teachers, the cost of traveling and time spend by the teachers to get trained. In this project, an application for mobile phones is developed. Using this application, teachers can browse and watch a catalog of educational videos related to their fields. The educational videos are authored and managed by a number of selected resource persons.

2. Toffee TV [6]: An award winning project [7] that focuses on the education of children. It includes thousands of educational videos to learn Urdu. The educational videos are about Urdu stories and poems. Toffee TV provides a mobile based application, through which learners can browse and watch educational videos of their choice.

3. Rehan School – Mobile Based Internet less Education [8]: An award winning project [9] that provides a rich library of learning contents in form of videos. These videos are made available at different computer/mobile shops in Pakistan, from where any learner can put these videos in their phones. This project overcomes the hurdle of using internet to download videos, by making them available at local stores.

C) Voice Call based learning solutions

In Pakistan, number of telecom companies provide IVR (interactive voice response) based services to educate people.

1. Mobilink Kids Portal [10] provides children a facility of browsing hundreds of Urdu/English stories, Nursery Rhymes, Urdu literature, Islamic Knowledge, General Knowledge, Health & Cleanliness, Science & Technology and competitions.

2. Mobilink Ladies Line [11] is a portal that offers various services for women of every age and varied lifestyles e.g. health, nutrition, matrimonial, cooking, parenting, kids care and others.

3. Mobilink Jazz Station [12] offers listening to live transmission of TV and FM channels.

D) Mobile Games and Simulations for learning

Pakistan based mobile software companies and individuals are also contributing to the community by developing educational games. Some of them are as follow:

1. Animal 101 by TenPearls [13]:  Animal 101 is an interactive award winning [14] application for children and parents alike. It is a learning based application about animals that aims to teach children of 3-8 years to learn about animals by engaging them in fun and interactive games.

2. ‘Brain Bash’ and ‘Math N Fun’ [15] by SajiSoft: Brain Bash is an interactive application designed to enhance the mental performance of kids or adults, by providing mathematical, logical & memory exercises in a fun way. On the other hand, Math N Fun is an interactive application for kids that simulates chalk board effects to solve simple mathematical problems. Both applications are having over 50 thousand downloads.

Note: If any reader knows any other mobile learning solutions deployed in Pakistan then please, go ahead and share it in the comments.

Best Regards,

Sajid Ali Anjum

Nokia Premium Developer Program for Asha – A Great Opportunity


 Here comes a great opportunity for developers: If you are having only two qualifying mobile applications published in any of the official store(e.g., Nokia Store, Windows Phone Store, Google Play, BlackBerry World, Apple App Store), then you can be a part of the Nokia Premium Developer Program for Asha.  This program has number of benefits including a free Nokia Asha 310 device, $500 (USD) in Nokia Ad Exchange (NAX) credits for use in creating external ad campaigns, free tech support tickets etc. I must say it’s a great opportunity for mobile application developers because you can target 675 million (and increasing) phones by targeting Nokia Asha platform.

Asha Premium Program Shipment

After reading about this opportunity, I instantly sent my registration request which get approved in 24 hours and I received the Nokia Asha 310 device in a week. The Nokia Asha platform provides a great UX and one can develop applications for Asha phones using Nokia Java SDK or Nokia Web Tools.

BloxRun MoSync

I am always interested in trying new development tools especially the cross-platform ones. That’s why, I chose to play with MoSync SDK which is a free, open-source & cross-platform development tool with a support for Nokia Asha (JavaME) phones. It provides a rich cross-platform IDE with a C/C++ foundation and provides a large number of APIs that can help developers in building cross-platform applications easily. I gave it a go and found that JavaME applications developed using MoSync worked really well on Nokia Asha phones.

Blox Run- Gamplay

‘Blox Run’ is the game which I ported from Nokia Anna/Belle phone to Nokia Asha (JavaME) platform using MoSync. This game has a pretty simple game engine implementation which took me only two days to port it to MoSync. For graphics part, I use to create vector graphics using Adobe Flash or Adobe Illustrator which can be easily ported to lower or higher resolution phones by simply resizing them. That’s why, it took me only few hours to regenerate all the graphics for Asha phones having resolution of 240×400. Just add one more day to it for testing & optimization, so, in total four days my porting process was completed. If you want to try out the game, it is published in the Nokia Store.

At the end, I also like to mention that I told one of my fellow ‘Murtaza Ashraf’ (a Founder and CEO of Ioptime) about this program and now, he is having his own Nokia Asha phone (sent by this program). Moreover, I actually get impressed by the UX and performance of Asha Phones and that’s why, I decided to do more experiments soon. Stay Tuned!

Best Regards,

Sajid Ali Anjum

Nokia Premium Developer Program is a Great Deal for Windows Phone developers

I just like to share this good news with those who didn’t hear about it. Here are the details :

Nokia Premium Developer Program

Nokia wants to help you get a good start with Windows Phone development, and we’ve put together a package to do just that – the Nokia Premium Developer Program. For just $99 (USD), you’ll be eligible for up to $1500 (USD) worth of benefits and services to enhance your Windows Phone development experience.

Windows Phone Dev Center
One year of Windows Phone Developer Center membership. A $99 (USD) retail value.

Telerik RadControls
A free license for Telerik RadControls for Windows Phone. A $99 (USD) retail value. Cloud APIs
Up to 12 months’ worth of access to up to 1 million API calls per month with Buddy’s cloud APIs during your membership. Up to a $1200 (USD) retail value.

Tech Support
2 Nokia Tech Support tickets. A $198 (USD) value.

Source :

I registered myself for this program, today and hopefully, one of my Windows Phone application is hitting the Windows Phone marketplace before the end of this year.

Best Regards,

Sajid Ali Anjum

Nokia Developer Champion of the Month ( August 2012 )

I have been selected for Nokia Developer Champion for the month of August, 2012. Nokia is always a great source of motivation for me.

An article written by Nokia Developer Team which is now featured on Nokia Developer Champion’s page for a month, is linked below :

Nokia Developer is not working anymore after Microsoft’s acquisition.

Alternative link:

Thanks to Nokia Developer Team . 🙂

Best Regards,
Sajid Ali Anjum

“Tangle Craze” hits the Nokia Store for Nokia Symbian^3 and S40 phones.

We just released a new fun title of ours “Tangle Craze”. It is powered by Qt and thus, runs very smooth on Symbian^3 (Anna/Belle) devices 😉  and JavaME version is also available for Nokia S40 phone.

Description :

Tangle Craze, is an entertaining and addictive arcade-puzzle game.

Objective :
You have to take the glowing ball to the end of each level by overcoming a series of obstacles. You need to apply your control skills to beat this game.

It features :
* 15 levels of entertainment
* Intuitive gameplay
* Cute Graphics
* Smooth Animations
* Sound Effects
* Much more fun..

Screenshots : 

Compatibility :

–  All Nokia Symbian^3 (Anna/Belle) phones
–  Nokia S40 Touch Screen phones.

Download :  (Symbian^3 version, powered by Qt) (S40 version, powered by JavaME )

Best Regards,

Sajid Ali Anjum

‘Math N Fun’ hits the Nokia Store for Nokia Symbian^3 and S40


We just launched our new title “Math N Fun” for Kids to practice Maths in a fun way.

Description :

It’s time to practice Maths in a fun way on a cute chalkboard.

The game features :
1- Four levels of difficulty: Easy, Normal, Hard and Customize.
2- Fully customizable level.
3- Cute chalkboard gameplay.
4- Chalk sound effects.
5- Posting your scores and checking your global ranking among other players.
6- Testing your addition, subtraction and multiplication skills.

Screenshots :

Compatibility :

– Nokia 5th Edtion and Symbian^3 phones
– Nokia S40 Touch Screen phones

Download :

Best Regards,
Sajid Ali Anjum

Getting Started With Mobile Programming – Season 2 – Workshop Contents


First Intensive Season Of Workshop :   Absolute Beginners realize Their First Mobile Phone Ideas 

We just conducted a 2nd season of “Getting Started With Mobile Programming” workshop in U.C.E.T, The Islamia University Of Bahawalpur, Pakistan, focusing “2D Game Developement” and “Cross-Platform Developement highlighting MoSync & HTML5” , along with new technologies around like TouchDevelop, NFC etc. It was a great experience and I hope the contents of this workshop may help other guys as well.

Workshop Contents :

Best Regards,

Sajid Ali Anjum

TouchDevelop by Microsoft Research – Write Programs on your Windows Phone


I just played with TouchDevelop for couple of hours and i am totally surprised by the power of this radically new software development environment for Windows Phone. It comes up with hundred of APIs and one can implement number of ideas on the go. I wrote an article on Nokia Developer Wiki for those who want to know more about TouchDevelop and get started with it:

Best Regards,

Sajid Ali Anjum

Sajid Ali Anjum becomes a Qt Ambassador

I got selected for Qt Ambassador title.

Who is a Qt Ambassador ? 
Qt Ambassadors are distinguished Qt performers who we offer benefits that honor loyalty and expose the world to the developers’ expertise and project.

Updated :  3rd May, 2012

Just received the Qt Ambassador Merchandise :

Qt Ambassador Marchandise

Best Regards,

Sajid Ali Anjum

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