A short survey of the mobile learning solutions deployed in Pakistan : By Sajid Ali Anjum

According to Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) report in Dec 2012[1], Pakistan is ranked at number 8 in the world with respect to the number of mobile phones being used, with a mobile phone density of 68.83%. According to a national survey in 2009[2], the overall literacy rate of Pakistan is 57% (69% for male and 45% for female). In a country where the mobile phone density is higher than the literacy rate, we can think of developing such mobile learning solutions with which we can educate the illiterate people of the country.

Mobile Learning Solutions Deployed in Pakistan

In this survey, I mentioned about prominent mobile learning solutions deployed in Pakistan to the best of my knowledge.

A) SMS based mobile learning solutions

1. Mobile-based post-literacy program by UNESCO & Mobilink [3]: A SMS-based mobile learning program which focuses on the education of women in Pakistan. In this program, mobile phones were given to the learners and then messages containing pedagogically correct, but fun and interesting, topics were sent to the post-literates. The learners then had to write the messages by hand on workbooks and read it repeatedly, which were listened by the teachers. It also includes answering questions via messages. This project costs US $57 per head only (including mobile phone cost i.e. $33) and if a phone is reused by at least three learner then this project costs US $33 per head. With the help of this program, 1,500 women were made literate in 2011 and 2500 more women are expected to be literate by 2012.

B) Video based mobile learning solutions

1. Mobile learning for teachers by UNESCO, Nokia & AGAHI [4] [5]: An effort made by the mentioned companies to improve the quality of teaching by training the teachers using mobile phones. The major motivation behind this project is the limited number of resources available to train the teachers, the cost of traveling and time spend by the teachers to get trained. In this project, an application for mobile phones is developed. Using this application, teachers can browse and watch a catalog of educational videos related to their fields. The educational videos are authored and managed by a number of selected resource persons.

2. Toffee TV [6]: An award winning project [7] that focuses on the education of children. It includes thousands of educational videos to learn Urdu. The educational videos are about Urdu stories and poems. Toffee TV provides a mobile based application, through which learners can browse and watch educational videos of their choice.

3. Rehan School – Mobile Based Internet less Education [8]: An award winning project [9] that provides a rich library of learning contents in form of videos. These videos are made available at different computer/mobile shops in Pakistan, from where any learner can put these videos in their phones. This project overcomes the hurdle of using internet to download videos, by making them available at local stores.

C) Voice Call based learning solutions

In Pakistan, number of telecom companies provide IVR (interactive voice response) based services to educate people.

1. Mobilink Kids Portal [10] provides children a facility of browsing hundreds of Urdu/English stories, Nursery Rhymes, Urdu literature, Islamic Knowledge, General Knowledge, Health & Cleanliness, Science & Technology and competitions.

2. Mobilink Ladies Line [11] is a portal that offers various services for women of every age and varied lifestyles e.g. health, nutrition, matrimonial, cooking, parenting, kids care and others.

3. Mobilink Jazz Station [12] offers listening to live transmission of TV and FM channels.

D) Mobile Games and Simulations for learning

Pakistan based mobile software companies and individuals are also contributing to the community by developing educational games. Some of them are as follow:

1. Animal 101 by TenPearls [13]:  Animal 101 is an interactive award winning [14] application for children and parents alike. It is a learning based application about animals that aims to teach children of 3-8 years to learn about animals by engaging them in fun and interactive games.

2. ‘Brain Bash’ and ‘Math N Fun’ [15] by SajiSoft: Brain Bash is an interactive application designed to enhance the mental performance of kids or adults, by providing mathematical, logical & memory exercises in a fun way. On the other hand, Math N Fun is an interactive application for kids that simulates chalk board effects to solve simple mathematical problems. Both applications are having over 50 thousand downloads.

Note: If any reader knows any other mobile learning solutions deployed in Pakistan then please, go ahead and share it in the comments.

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Sajid Ali Anjum

Nokia Developer Champion of the Month ( August 2012 )

I have been selected for Nokia Developer Champion for the month of August, 2012. Nokia is always a great source of motivation for me.

An article written by Nokia Developer Team which is now featured on Nokia Developer Champion’s page for a month, is linked below :

Nokia Developer is not working anymore after Microsoft’s acquisition.

Alternative link:


Thanks to Nokia Developer Team . 🙂

Best Regards,
Sajid Ali Anjum

“mLocker” hits the Nokia Store for Symbian^3 Devices


We just released a new file locking utlitly for Symbian^3 devices, developed in Qt.

Description :

mLocker, is a powerful file locking software having a unique design and advance features.

Features :
* Lock any sort of file in your device including images, videos, audios, text etc
* Provides built-in image viewer with browsing images and pinch-to-zoom feature.
* Uses a fast encryption algorithm to lock/unlock files.
* Provides cute interface design.
* Provides all basic features i.e. Locking Files, Restoring Files and Deleting Files from the mLocker.

Screenshot :




Best Regards,

Sajid Ali Anjum


Sajid Ali Anjum becomes a Qt Ambassador

I got selected for Qt Ambassador title.

Who is a Qt Ambassador ? 
Qt Ambassadors are distinguished Qt performers who we offer benefits that honor loyalty and expose the world to the developers’ expertise and project.

Updated :  3rd May, 2012

Just received the Qt Ambassador Merchandise :

Qt Ambassador Marchandise

Best Regards,

Sajid Ali Anjum

I got my Forum Nokia Champion and Poster Of The Month Gift (shipment):)

Just three days back, i got my shipment from Forum Nokia in about 2 weeks including N97 mini (Poster of the month award) , N900 & Forum Nokia Champion Diploma . I really like the way Forum Nokia appreciates developer effort by giving them awards. I must say that Forum Nokia Champion one-year membership program is just an outstanding opportunity for a developer  Love Forum Nokia and Thanks Alot .

BTW, at the time of receiving this shipment , i got memories of my older brother (Hamid Ali Anjum) who is working in Saudi Arabia right now.He is the first person who introduces me to Nokia phones and gifted me  Nokia 3650, N-gage Qd, Nokia 6630 , Nokia e50 & Nokia 5800 XM in last 4 years and yeah! he also gifted me the laptop i m using right now. Thanks alot Big Bro 🙂

Best Regards,

Sajid Ali Anjum

Sajid Ali Anjum (SajiSoft) becomes a Forum Nokia Champion.

At last , all my efforts  (Projects, Forum Nokia Posts & Articles)  for mobile phones are rewarded by Forum Nokia. They give me the honour of becoming a Forum Nokia Champion today (2/24/2010).

“Forum Nokia Champion, a recognition and reward program for top mobile developers from around the world. Forum Nokia Champions are outstanding individuals who are selected on the basis of their outstanding skills and devotion to the Forum Nokia community.” Source : Forum Nokia Champion

I m really excited on joining the Forum Nokia Champions team &  i promise to keep working hard to help the Forum Nokia Community & developers around the world.

Thanks to Forum Nokia Team &  my really good friends Manikantan & Gargi Das who not only helped me in my career but also appreciated &  nominated me in this reward. I would like to thanks all my end-users and online friends who appreciated my work  by providing useful feedbacks . I also like to thanks Mark from Adobe for appreciating me and inviting me to the Adobe pre-release program. Thanks!

Best Regards,

Sajid Ali Anjum (SajiSoft)

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