Sniper Action is now available for your Windows Phone.



One of our top-selling title is now available for your Windows Phone. You can try it for free from Windows Phone Marketplace.


Sniper Action, is an entertaining and addictive shooting game, with a complete package of action levels, where you have to apply your intelligence to survive. So, ARE YOU READY?


Enemies captured a part of your country. You are the one who is selected by the state head to eliminate the critical enemies. You have only one night to accomplish this mission. By applying, your intelligence and shooting skills you can make it possible.

Features :

* 20 Levels Of Entertainment

* Intuitive & Exhilarating Gameplay

* Smooth Animations

* Great Graphics

* Sound Effects

Screenshots :

Download :

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Sajid Ali Anjum


Sniper Action : Level 4 & Level 8 Solution


I just got number of emails asking the solution of level 4 and level 8, thus, i decided to share the solution of these levels on this blog :

Sniper Action : Level 4 Solution 

In Level 4, one have to shot at the bottom of the pole and the pole comes down.

Sniper Action : Level 8 Solution

In Level 8, one have to shoot two bullets at the location shown in the image below.


Best Regards,

Sajid Ali Anjum

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