SajiOS v5 For S60 v3

SajiOS (Sajid’s Owsum Shell)  is one of my famous project as i worked on it alot. More then 10000+ downloads at the time of this post. Total time it take from first release to fifth release is about 8 months and i learned alot while programming this project.

SajiOS is a powerful shell designed for the people who are bored of one type of interface. It provides a number of features , Some ov them are as under :

– On first time run , it asks your username , usericon and password .Now, you

can protect SajiOS by your own password + set your own username & user


– Log-In Screen Added.

– Themes Feature Added. Now , you can custominize sajiOS with different

themes .I try to make when i gt free and upload it on my site

& try to post here too. BTW 3 themes included by default .

– A vista style sidebar is created with alpha transperancy + clock + calendar + media player + notification alerts for unread msgs , profile and misscalls..

– You Can Add Your Own Icons and Wallpapers..You can add 12 icons in SajiOS Fl 2 version .26+ common icons are included..

– You Can Make Calls by SajiOS Phone Pad..Just press * key at desktop and Phone Pad Appears..

– Icon manager is created . So , one can easily add icons on the desktop , submenu apps and startmenu shortcuts. As icon manager automatically detects installed apps and No need to remember the paths any more .

– Media Player In the sidebar with file manager to open files .

– A more flexible SajiOS control panel is added to change wallpaper/themes and different seetings.

– KeyPad lock feature added. Now, you can lock your keypad by holding * key in SajiOS .

– You can switch b/w profile silent/general by holding # key.

More features to reveal urself .

How to Install ??

Goto for installation files..

Hope u like it..

Note : The application is freeware but not open source yet (May be open source in future to help developers ).

Best Regards,

Sajid Ali Anjum (a.k.a SajiSoft)

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