SajiFS Launcher – Launch Flash Lite Contents in Full Screen

I got many emails regarding the issue that HOW TO LAUCH ANY SWF FILE IN FULL SCREEN FROM END USER SIDE? so, i just write this application in my free time for them. This application seems to be simple to end user and developers but it evolves some magic tricks 😛 which let u play swf files in full screen without editing the source of the swf file.Just like my previous projects, this is also an hybrid application between symbian c++ & flash lite. Take a look at further details :

Description :
FS Launcher is an end-user as well as developer freeware solution to play/test PC mouse based flash games in full screen with a close button without modifying the source of the game. It can launch the swf files in two resolution i.e streched & normal. It is developed using Symbian C++ & Flash Lite.
Preview :

Compatibility :
– Symbian 5th Edition phones only (FL 3.0)
How to get started with FS Launcher:
– Install the provided fslauncher sis file .
– Save your swf files to C:\data\others or e:\others (default direcotories for saving swf files)
– Open FS Launcher , browse saved swf files and play them.
Features :
– supports potrait and landscape mode.
– provide 2 resolutions for launching swf files i.e streched & normal.
– Symbian C++ and Flash Lite powered.
– Can browse only C:\data\others\ + subdirectories and E:\others\ + subdirectories.
– Easy to install and play with.
– Can launch many of Flash 8 PC games successfully.

Download :

– Just go to my website to download sis file of this application.

– You can try swf files available at this site .

Best Regards,

Sajid Ali Anjum (SajiSoft)

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