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One of the teacher of my class (Sir Jawad)  just gives me an idea of creating a Call Alarm & i started working on the project. One thing which i keep in mind while developing this application is to make it resolution independent by not scaling but by creating graphics according to need. The credit also goes to OVI store FREE express signing & their speedy work i.e 3 days & your application is express signed and put into the OVI store . I really like the way Nokia is enabling the individual developers to come to the store and sell their contents if they have ability to do so.

Now, lets jump into the description of this application :

Description :

Do any of your relative usually forgets to turn the alarm on or you just want to wake up someone without disturbing your sleep?. Than this software is designed for you. Call alarm automatically gives a call to a number at specified time and it is bundled with some useful features like easy to use interface, multiple alarms and different calling strategies.

Screenshots :

Compatibility :

All Nokia S60 3rd Edition & 5th Edition Devices. In 3rd edition phones, list is scrolled by direction keys & in 5th edition phones, we have list with kinetic scrolling.

Download :

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Sajid Ali Anjum

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