Tilt N Fun hits the Nokia Store For N9/N950

Description :

Tilt N Fun is an entertaining maze game in which you have to control Mr. Bouncy by tilting your device.

Features : 

  • 10 Levels Of Entertainment
  • Cute Graphics
  • Sound Effects
  • Assisted by Accelerometer
Objective : 

Your objective is to hit the ” Fi ” box without getting collided with ” TnT ” boxes.

Download :


Developer’s Perspective :

Qt is such a great development tool and with QML in Qt , its even more easier to code and create UI of games and applications. This game is powered by Box2D Engine for QML which is  quite easy to learn and start with. One of a thing about which we had to do a little research is playing multiple sounds at one time and we found out that doing so is not possible in QML but quite easy in C++ ,thus, we simply extend QML with C++ and get positive results. If you are interested in playing multiple sounds at a time, take a look at this sample .

Thats it. Have a great day.

Best Regards,

Sajid Ali Anjum

Two Issues To Fix For MeeGo Harmattan Developers Regarding Nokia Store

Hi Guys,
I experienced two issues in publishing my MeeGo Harmattan app that makes my app to hang in QA of Noia Publish for 42 days. Yes! 42 days is the time that Nokia Publish team took to investigate these CRITICAL ISSUES.
As these issues are not documented officially,thus, i am sure it save your time.

Issue # 1
Your filename must be of the format :
and if you submit something like this, it get rejected :

Issue # 2

Your content description in CONTROL file must be equal to or less than 256 characters. If its greater than that your content will get failed in QA.

Thats it.  Hope it helps you . 🙂

Best Regards,

Sajid Ali Anjum

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