Nokia Developer Champion of the Month ( August 2012 )

I have been selected for Nokia Developer Champion for the month of August, 2012. Nokia is always a great source of motivation for me.

An article written by Nokia Developer Team which is now featured on Nokia Developer Champion’s page for a month, is linked below :

Nokia Developer is not working anymore after Microsoft’s acquisition.

Alternative link:

Thanks to Nokia Developer Team . 🙂

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Sajid Ali Anjum

Getting Started With Mobile Programming – Season 2 – Workshop Contents


First Intensive Season Of Workshop :   Absolute Beginners realize Their First Mobile Phone Ideas 

We just conducted a 2nd season of “Getting Started With Mobile Programming” workshop in U.C.E.T, The Islamia University Of Bahawalpur, Pakistan, focusing “2D Game Developement” and “Cross-Platform Developement highlighting MoSync & HTML5” , along with new technologies around like TouchDevelop, NFC etc. It was a great experience and I hope the contents of this workshop may help other guys as well.

Workshop Contents :

Best Regards,

Sajid Ali Anjum

Sajid Ali Anjum becomes a Qt Ambassador

I got selected for Qt Ambassador title.

Who is a Qt Ambassador ? 
Qt Ambassadors are distinguished Qt performers who we offer benefits that honor loyalty and expose the world to the developers’ expertise and project.

Updated :  3rd May, 2012

Just received the Qt Ambassador Merchandise :

Qt Ambassador Marchandise

Best Regards,

Sajid Ali Anjum

What’s Cooking ?

Few of the things which i think worth sharing that happened on our side :

USEoSMS shortlisted in PTA-Ericsson Mobile Excellence Award

Our project “USEoSMS” which was first posted on Forum Nokia Blog was shortlisted for PTA-Ericsson Mobile Excellence Award on 3rd November and i went to Lahore,Pakistan on 10th of November for practical demonstration. AFAIK 6 projects were shortlisted from the whole country. Unfortunately, i was not able to stand 1st among them and thus, didn’t win the award but it was a good experience of demonstrating the project in front of experts. Congratulations to the winner! great application indeed. You can read few details about the winning project at PTA(Pakistan Telecom Authority) site  :

PTA- Mobile Excellence Award Announced

I'm demonstrating USEoSMS to Panel of Judges via Video Conferencing

Upcoming Project : SMS & WAP Based Polling System Powered By Qt

I am currently working on a completely mobile-end based polling system for our college whose aim is to provide multiple mediums (i.e SMS & WAP) for polling with good security. The technologies/tools/languages we are using for this project are Qt, PHP, WML and  SQL. It will be complete upto 12 January 2011 and i will post it here with full description.

Polling System Test

Upcoming Game: Mr. Bally

Our motion sensor based native Symbian game (inspired from PapiJump) supporting Symbian 5th & S^3 phones is hanging in level creation phase but i am sure you like the game as it is good in performance and provide a number of features like Mr Bally has 9 special moves which get activated after popping white balloons, the game has 20 levels with enemies etc etc. Complete details will be available once the game goes live and hopefully, it will be complete in end of Jan 2011 ;). However ,you can take a look at two screenshots of the game .

Note: The screenshot doesn’t show the final product PLUS  It is not in good quality

Mr Jumpy after completing level

Best Regards,

Sajid Ali Anjum 😉

Progress Of Previous Month (September)

Last month of mine was busy in studying for my 6th term exams, helping others on Forum Nokia Discussion Board , Helping Via Emails & PMs and Yes! working on my 3 projects (1 is a paid project for a company and 2 are under-development for our end-users). Instead of these activities , few of the news are worth sharing :

1- Got one-year membership of Forum Nokia Launchpad.

2- Selected as DZone’s Most Valuable Blogger .

3- Collaborated with inneractive and releasing one of my title “Brain Bash” for free in the upcoming days (May be tommorow 😉 ).


Coming Soon On OVI Store


4- Currently, working on a motion sensor game for S60 3rd & 5th edition phones but don’t know when it gets complete. However, One of a good news (for my facebook fans only) is that they may get a copy for free, once i manage to finish & release it. 😉 So, stay tuned at our FB Page.

Best Regards,

Sajid Ali Anjum

SajiSoft is now on Facebook! :)

To close the communication gap between our product end-users and the developers, we created a page on facebook. Actually, we have some great plans in favor of end-users and developers, once we get audience on our page. So, feel free to join it and m sure it will be helpful for you.

SajiSoft @ Facebook

Best Regards,

Sajid Ali Anjum

SajiSoft starts tweeting !!!

Yeah..Today i start tweeting.. A little bit late 😛

Best Regards,


I got my Forum Nokia Champion and Poster Of The Month Gift (shipment):)

Just three days back, i got my shipment from Forum Nokia in about 2 weeks including N97 mini (Poster of the month award) , N900 & Forum Nokia Champion Diploma . I really like the way Forum Nokia appreciates developer effort by giving them awards. I must say that Forum Nokia Champion one-year membership program is just an outstanding opportunity for a developer  Love Forum Nokia and Thanks Alot .

BTW, at the time of receiving this shipment , i got memories of my older brother (Hamid Ali Anjum) who is working in Saudi Arabia right now.He is the first person who introduces me to Nokia phones and gifted me  Nokia 3650, N-gage Qd, Nokia 6630 , Nokia e50 & Nokia 5800 XM in last 4 years and yeah! he also gifted me the laptop i m using right now. Thanks alot Big Bro 🙂

Best Regards,

Sajid Ali Anjum

Another Reward: Poster Of Month February 2010 :)

I got another reward from Forum Nokia just after few days of becoming a Forum Nokia Champion. According to Ron’s (Forum Nokia Expert) Post :

“It is with great pleasure that I am able to name sajisoft as the poster of the month for Februrary. The Discussion Board moderators and I have noticed a real effort on the behalf of sajisoft to help others in a polites and respectful manner especially with Flash Lite development. I hope you all join me in sajisoft for his work”

For further reading , please refer to :

I will get a N97 mini on this achievement .Thanks Alot Forum Nokia. I promise to keep the helping spirit on .

BTW, now i have profile at official Forum Nokia website. Please, take a look at:

Sajid Ali Anjum’s Profile

Best Regards,

SajiSoft (Sajid Ali Anjum)

Sajid Ali Anjum (SajiSoft) becomes a Forum Nokia Champion.

At last , all my efforts  (Projects, Forum Nokia Posts & Articles)  for mobile phones are rewarded by Forum Nokia. They give me the honour of becoming a Forum Nokia Champion today (2/24/2010).

“Forum Nokia Champion, a recognition and reward program for top mobile developers from around the world. Forum Nokia Champions are outstanding individuals who are selected on the basis of their outstanding skills and devotion to the Forum Nokia community.” Source : Forum Nokia Champion

I m really excited on joining the Forum Nokia Champions team &  i promise to keep working hard to help the Forum Nokia Community & developers around the world.

Thanks to Forum Nokia Team &  my really good friends Manikantan & Gargi Das who not only helped me in my career but also appreciated &  nominated me in this reward. I would like to thanks all my end-users and online friends who appreciated my work  by providing useful feedbacks . I also like to thanks Mark from Adobe for appreciating me and inviting me to the Adobe pre-release program. Thanks!

Best Regards,

Sajid Ali Anjum (SajiSoft)

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