How To Start Flash Lite Content In Background !

If u want to throw the Flash Lite Content in Background just when u start it from the phone’s menu in 5th edition phones , then i write small snippet for u to achieve this task :

var appManager = new Service("Service.AppManager", "IAppManager");
var inParams = {ApplicationID:"s60uid://0x102750F0"}; //Homescreen UID same for all 5th & 3rd fp2 phones
appManager.LaunchApp(inParams, onApplaunch);
function onApplaunch(transactionID:Number, eventID:String, outParam:Object) {
  var errorId = outParam.ErrorCode;

The above snippet just send ur flash content to background by calling the HomeScreen UID. Now, a question may arise that what the advantage of sending ur Flash Content as we already know that the flash content just get paused when we send it to background. But my previous statement is not true after the release of Flash Lite 3.1because in Flash Lite 3.1 u can atleast resume Platform services in background.

Btw, i dont recommend to use Flash Lite content as a Console Application 😀

Best Regards,

Sajid Ali Anjum

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