Flash Lite stub doesnt launch from memory card (System Error) (FIXED)


Flash Lite stub doesnt start from memory(SD) card correctly & gives a SYSTEM ERROR when launched but the same stub works fine when installed in phone memory. This problem occurs in some 5800 (yes i m able to reproduce this error in my 5800) , N97 & 5230 phones.

Fix :

First, we should know the problem behind it. According to my observation, this error occurs due to the inappropriate compeletion of path by this API :

_LIT(KStubFlashContent, "\\private\\EE001122\\stub.swf");

FlashUIConfig config;


Therefore, one of the easiest fix to this problem is to complete the path by ourselves. It is not a big deal , we just need to find out our application’s installed path & then we extract the first 2 characters from it (i.e the drive letter) and then we append the path of our swf to this drive letter to complete the path ourselves. Let me write the code for it :


_LIT(KStubFlashContent, "\\private\\EE001122\\stub.swf"); //our swf incomplete path


RProcess self; //an instace of RProcess
TBuf<200> myPath;
/*Now, copy the first 2 characters of our app complete path i.e drive letter*/
/*Append the incomplete path to the drive letter*/
/*Now,we have a complete path, just copy it  iContentFileName*/
FlashUIConfig config;



NOTE: I only mention the parts of modification but not the complete code for the creation of a stub. For the complete code, go to this wiki article .

I request all the developers (who are distributing there applications via Flash Lite Stub or creating packing tools) that please, implement this code in your Stub,otherwise, u may think that ur application will works fine with all 5th edition phones but it will not. Thanks for your time 😉

Best Regards,

Sajid Ali Anjum (SajiSoft)

ISSUE : HTTP Request from Flash Lite 3.x Client, Hangs UI

Another issue is in highlights which needs to be fixed. When u send a http request via loadVariables or sendAndLoad apis from Flash Lite Client to a Local HTTP or XML Socket Server,it hangs Flash Lite UI for 1 to 1.5 secs which makes all methods of extending Flash Lite via HTTP Server less practical. This issue only arises with Flash Lite 3.0 and 3. For more details , one can take a look on this post of Forum Nokia.

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Issue – Flash Lite stub does not close on pressing red key (FIXED)


In few software versions of Nokia 5800, when u run a stub application developed using swfpack.com  (or may be other packaging tools) then it wont get closed on pressing red key. However, there is a work around posted by Risalmin in Forum Nokia .


Fix of this issue is quite easy i.e listen to red key event in Flash Lite and excecute the fscommand2 for quiting app. Use this AS code , to acheive the task  :

var keyListener:Object = new Object();
keyListener.onKeyDown = function() {


Best Regards,

Sajid Ali Anjum (SajiSoft)

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