Mr. Sajid Ali Anjum



Academic Qualification

MSc Computer Science (Intelligent Information Systems), NUST, Islamabad, Pakistan – In progress

BSc Computer System Engineering Student from  U.C.E.T, The Islamia University Of Bahawalpur, Pakistan –  2007-11


Helping developers at  Nokia Developer Discussion Board, writing articles, developing open-source,freeware and commercial projects. I am also a publisher at Nokia Store .


Expert In
Qt, Flash, Graphics, Java, Symbian C++, Symbian, UI Design,2D Games, Web Technology


– Developing softwares for mobile phones since 2008.

– Developed 15+ mobo projects including open-source,freeware, commercial and research base projects.

Honors and Awards

– Nokia Developer Champion since Feb 2010.

– Poster Of The  Month (February 2010) (More Info)

– DZone’s MVB (Most Valuable Blogger)

– Shortlisted in PTA-Ericsson Mobile Excellence Award

– Nokia Developer Launchpad

–  crossed 1000 posts at Nokia Developer Discussion Board.  https://twitter.com/#!/nokiadeveloper/status/65544924040409088

– Qt Ambassador

Profile @ Nokia Developer:


3 Responses to “About”

  1. A.Siraj Hassan Mohideen Says:

    Great job bro Thumbs Up!! Waiting for more innovations from you! 🙂

  2. Soren Werk Says:

    Hello Sajid

    As you may recall – but probably don’t!, I would like to make an application for my Series 40 6700 Classic, så that will display my current position, course and speed – that’s all!

    I’ve written about it at http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/forum/showthread.php?p=738727 to which you have replied – several times. But I am still uncertain of the basic premise: Should I use Flash Lite or J2ME? (Or maybe I just don’t want to listen to the answer. 😉 Because for some reason I would prefer to use Flash Lite.) So I’m asking again: Can it be done with both platforms? Which platform would you recomend I use and why?

    • sajisoft Says:

      Hi Soren!
      As i already answered u that it is not possible to access GPS via Flash Lite on S40 phones.From this statement, it is clear that u can use GPS via JavaME only . Once u learn JavaME, than u have two options regarding creation of the UI (frontend), either u can design interface in JavaME (use less resources and end-user friendly) or u can use Flash Lite with JavaME (use more resource as in this case, u combine Flash & JavaME to create single application).
      I recommend u to use JavaME only if u just want to create a Location Base application and if u want to use Flash Lite than u can only create frontend in Flsh Lite but backend must be written in JavaME (for more info read: SWFxME project).

      Best Regards,
      Sajid Ali Anjum

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