“Sniper Action” hits the Nokia Store For Symbian^3 Phone


I just released a new title “Sniper Action” for all Symbian^3 devices.

Description :

Sniper Action, is an entertaining and addictive shooting game.

You are selected by a state head to free all the prisoners, captured by some traitors. You have only one night to accomplish this mission. By applying, your skills and intelligence you can make it possible.

Features :
* 15 Levels Of Entertainment
* Intuitive & Exhilarating Gameplay
* Smooth Animations
* Great Graphics
* Sound Effects



Get it from Nokia Store


Level 4 and Level 8 solution


Best Regards,

Sajid Ali Anjum


22 Responses to ““Sniper Action” hits the Nokia Store For Symbian^3 Phone”

  1. Uziel Reaño Says:

    Do you have any android app?

    • sajisoft Says:

      Thanks for your comment. Currently, we dont have any application supporting android but hopefully, this year we’ll come up with some projects on android 😉

      Best Regards,
      Sajid Ali Anjum

  2. Ali B Says:

    hey 🙂 nice game 🙂 i’m stuck on level 8 i dont understand what to do, could you help me please :$ ?

  3. Valts Zeltiņš Says:

    I have already got stuck on level 3 . :/ Can you please help me with the level 3? I would be very grateful!

  4. Kash Says:

    Hi SajiSoft, Awesome game, I am stuck on level 8, too, could you please advise?

  5. Rcerny Says:

    Hi I am stuck at level 8, tried figuring it out many times. spent 2 hours trying, now I need help

  6. Mark Says:

    Please can you help me with level 8? I am stuck on level 8. Great game so far.
    Thank you

  7. animesh Says:

    stuck in lvl 8 help

  8. joao Says:

    hi , i am also stuck on level 8. Please help!

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