What’s Cooking ?

Few of the things which i think worth sharing that happened on our side :

USEoSMS shortlisted in PTA-Ericsson Mobile Excellence Award

Our project “USEoSMS” which was first posted on Forum Nokia Blog was shortlisted for PTA-Ericsson Mobile Excellence Award on 3rd November and i went to Lahore,Pakistan on 10th of November for practical demonstration. AFAIK 6 projects were shortlisted from the whole country. Unfortunately, i was not able to stand 1st among them and thus, didn’t win the award but it was a good experience of demonstrating the project in front of experts. Congratulations to the winner! great application indeed. You can read few details about the winning project at PTA(Pakistan Telecom Authority) site  :

PTA- Mobile Excellence Award Announced

I'm demonstrating USEoSMS to Panel of Judges via Video Conferencing

Upcoming Project : SMS & WAP Based Polling System Powered By Qt

I am currently working on a completely mobile-end based polling system for our college whose aim is to provide multiple mediums (i.e SMS & WAP) for polling with good security. The technologies/tools/languages we are using for this project are Qt, PHP, WML and  SQL. It will be complete upto 12 January 2011 and i will post it here with full description.

Polling System Test

Upcoming Game: Mr. Bally

Our motion sensor based native Symbian game (inspired from PapiJump) supporting Symbian 5th & S^3 phones is hanging in level creation phase but i am sure you like the game as it is good in performance and provide a number of features like Mr Bally has 9 special moves which get activated after popping white balloons, the game has 20 levels with enemies etc etc. Complete details will be available once the game goes live and hopefully, it will be complete in end of Jan 2011 ;). However ,you can take a look at two screenshots of the game .

Note: The screenshot doesn’t show the final product PLUS  It is not in good quality

Mr Jumpy after completing level

Best Regards,

Sajid Ali Anjum 😉


2 Responses to “What’s Cooking ?”

  1. Salman Says:

    Good Job.. Best Wishes…

  2. husnain ali Says:

    sajid bhai carry onn. lga reh bhai

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