Progress Of Previous Month (September)

Last month of mine was busy in studying for my 6th term exams, helping others on Forum Nokia Discussion Board , Helping Via Emails & PMs and Yes! working on my 3 projects (1 is a paid project for a company and 2 are under-development for our end-users). Instead of these activities , few of the news are worth sharing :

1- Got one-year membership of Forum Nokia Launchpad.

2- Selected as DZone’s Most Valuable Blogger .

3- Collaborated with inneractive and releasing one of my title “Brain Bash” for free in the upcoming days (May be tommorow 😉 ).


Coming Soon On OVI Store


4- Currently, working on a motion sensor game for S60 3rd & 5th edition phones but don’t know when it gets complete. However, One of a good news (for my facebook fans only) is that they may get a copy for free, once i manage to finish & release it. 😉 So, stay tuned at our FB Page.

Best Regards,

Sajid Ali Anjum


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