Review of “Cut The Angle” Multi-Touch Game in Upcoming Adobe Device Central

I am one of the lucky persons who got a chance to be a part of Adobe Device Central pre-release program and thanks goes to Mark Doherty who invited me to this program .


Most of us already know that the upcoming Flash Lite 4.0 & Flash Player 10.1 have multi-touch feature. Now, a question may arise in ones mind that if we are going to have this feature on device then do we have an emulator to test it on PC? The answer is YES! and we have Device Central for that. Now, lets jump to the review :

Description :

Cut The Angle is a multi-touch mathematics game in which your fingers are transformed into a compass and you have to draw a given angle using that compass. It also provides a multi-touch ruler which helps you to draw angles by measuring length to some accuracy. If you are not getting what I am talking about then read here and you will get a flash back of your secondary school mathematics .  🙂

NOTE:I created this game in a couple of days and it is just a demonstration in which I concentrate more on action script then the user interface.

Screen-cast :

Here is a video of this game on upcoming device central:

Actionscript :

Those who are interested in knowing that what kind of Actionscript is used to develop this game then go and take a look at Flash Lite 4 documentation :

MultiTouch Class


I developed this project with pre-release Adobe Flash. For those who are a part of this program can get the source code from the user-forum of this program.

Hope u like the demonstration .If u have any questions/comments, then just post them here.

Best Regards,

Sajid Ali Anjum (SajiSoft)

–Forum Nokia Champion



2 Responses to “Review of “Cut The Angle” Multi-Touch Game in Upcoming Adobe Device Central”

  1. Atila Correia Says:

    Congratulations Saji, your game is very usefull and original.

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