Issue – Flash Lite stub does not close on pressing red key (FIXED)


In few software versions of Nokia 5800, when u run a stub application developed using  (or may be other packaging tools) then it wont get closed on pressing red key. However, there is a work around posted by Risalmin in Forum Nokia .


Fix of this issue is quite easy i.e listen to red key event in Flash Lite and excecute the fscommand2 for quiting app. Use this AS code , to acheive the task  :

var keyListener:Object = new Object();
keyListener.onKeyDown = function() {


Best Regards,

Sajid Ali Anjum (SajiSoft)

4 Responses to “Issue – Flash Lite stub does not close on pressing red key (FIXED)”

  1. Ranco Says:

    This trick doesn’t seem to work on N97 – do you know why?

    • sajisoft Says:

      Hi Ranco,
      I dont have a N97 phone in hand,so, i suggest you to try to debug through your code and check whether the path you are copying to iContentFileName is complete and correct. If it is complete and correct then check out whether you get the same panic i.e “System Error -1” or some other panic. Because i think System Error is actually arrives when the Stub doesnt able to locate the file. Wish u luck

      Best Regards,

      • Ranco Says:

        well, its not in my hands, as I’m using Kunerilite to pack the swf. I don’t get an error, though. Short red button press just blinks the application (minimize and maximize again), and long press throws it to the BG.
        Do you think there’s an error thrown there? I can use Y-tasks’ Crash monotir to check it.

  2. sajisoft Says:

    Hi Ranco,
    Well! i think this trick have to work. Try online swf packager tool if it helps. You can also try closing your Kuneri Lite application via loadVariables( instead of fscommand2. If it doesnt help either try creating your own stub in Symbian C++ and capturing red key in Symbian C++ can helps. Forget tracing the panic as the application is not get closed in this case.

    Best Regards,
    Sajid Ali Anjum

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