SWFxME 1.0 – Extend Flash Lite Using J2ME

I was working on a open source project from last 4 months.Today , i released this project under name “SWFxME “.It is designed for the developers who want to give more power to their applications using a hybrid application (Flash Lite + JavaME) .Here are few details :

SWFxME is an open source project developed to extend Flash Lite with J2ME via HTTP server (written in J2ME code) and to provide more power to the developer by making a hybrid application.
The developers who want to know the difference between Jarpa and SWFxME? Then Jarpa is an XML Socket Server whereas SWFxME is a HTTP Server .Hence, SWFxME is more compatible (i.e from Flash Lite 1.1 to onwards) .

Compatibility :
The minimum requirements for SWFxME :
1 – Flash Lite 1.1
2 – MIDP 2.0
3 – JSR-75 (File Connection API) Support
It should have to work with a phone having these 3 characteristics provided that the platform doesnt
have any restrictions to write files, launching files or listening to a local port.

Built-In Functions :
Current version has 2 built-in functions :
1 – Write File
2 – List Directory

Samples , Documentaion & Source :
Every Thing is available on SWFxME Project Page

Tested :
Currently tested with S60 phones (E50, N78 & 5800) but i love to know about other phones like (S40 and SE etc)

Screenshots of the sample :

As this is the first release, i want other developers to test it on their devices and provide feedback .So, the next releases are much more compatible and samples for different platforms will be available .

Best Regards,

Sajid Ali Anjum

5 Responses to “SWFxME 1.0 – Extend Flash Lite Using J2ME”

  1. Mike Oscar Says:

    Hi Sajid
    great job on SWFxME. I am interested in using SWFxME but how do you package your product with flash lite? I am new to this so if you have time to make a tutorial I would apprciate it.

  2. sajisoft Says:

    I am sure by Flash Lite you mean Flash Lite Content (i.e Apps/Games etc) or Simply we can say u r interested in packaging your own Swf File with SWFxME jar package. I already wrote about in SWFxME documentation under “Add your own swf file in SWFxME” topic (available in the download section of SWFxME google page). What u have to do is to change the Value of a Path String (because it contains the swf file name too) , recompile it and add your own swf file in the root of the jar package. You can simply use a winrar to add ur own swf file by dragging and dropping it on the recompiled jar package.

    Best Regards,
    Sajid Ali Anjum

  3. Mike Oscar Says:

    Hi Sajid
    I did mean flash lite content thanks for the info and keep up the good work

  4. funniew Says:

    how do I make this work from emulator? nokia S60 5th ed.

    • sajisoft Says:

      There is no Flash Lite Player included in the S60 5th ed SDKs. Thats why one is not able to launch/open any SWF file using Emulator.So, you left with 2 options :
      1- Run Flash Lite Content in Adobe Device Central & SWFxME server in J2ME emulator to check whether J2ME server is behaving fine to the client requests . I use to work this way.
      2- Go for RDA ( http://www.forum.nokia.com/Technology_Topics/Application_Quality/Testing/Remote_Device_Access/ ). Remotely Access the real devices for free and test your Application in it.

      BTW, it should have to works fine with 5th edition phones , i tested it on N5800 before release.

      Best Regards,
      Sajid Ali Anjum

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