Sajid Ali Anjum (a.k.a SajiSoft) starts blogging… :)

At last, i make my mind to start writing blogs myself and share my knowledge with others. I will try to share all my new experiences and the projects i develop during my mobile programming journey. Keep me alive on my blog by your feedback 🙂 . For those , who want to know who i am and what i do ? please, visit the about page of this blog :  About SajiSoft

Best Regards,
Sajid Ali Anjum


4 Responses to “Sajid Ali Anjum (a.k.a SajiSoft) starts blogging… :)”

  1. Carolina Says:

    Congratulations Sajid!!! Thats great that u have your own blog!!!! =)

  2. sajisoft Says:

    Thanx Carolina For Your Feedback ….

  3. chall3ng3r Says:


    Welcome to the blogging club friend. And great to see another countrymen on the mobile tech side 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

    // chall3ng3r //

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